James Moening (jmoening) wrote in europeanautos,
James Moening

The damage

So, in order, I've owned a 1995 VW Golf, an 88 VW Golf, an 88 Volvo 740 Turbo, and most recently a 99 Saab 9-3SE. I wasn't/am not ready to part with the Saab. I put a catalog sport exhaust kit on it, a Genuine downpipe and race cat, Koni shocks/springs, poly bushings, a steering rack/clamp/brace and rear arb. It hauled and handled. But after a woman pulled out in front of me and caused a collision, it looks like damage excedes value and I'm dealing with a 'total loss.' They only want to give me about $4.5K for it.

I'm thinking of putting that toward a new, used car instead of trying to repair it. (But I'm still gonna get a second opinion on the repair costs.) So anyway, I've narrowed my choices down to an M3, a Viggen, a TT or an S60. What do you think?
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