peter the great (diesel_x_core) wrote in europeanautos,
peter the great

new to community

hey whats name is peter and i'm from orlando, Florida, where i'm known as the "guy with many mercedes". to be exact, i just have three, all of which are 115 series diesels [my favorite]. my cars and i are inseparable.
in order, they are :
Heidi...a 1974 240d with 322,000 on tap. yellow on brown....
betty...a 1973 220d with 206, blue with white vinyl
karl...1969 220d...4speed with ivory on brown and 344,000 miles.
i like these cars alot. thats why i work on them [my father and i won a mercedes service facility in rockledge...but i do most of the mercedes work.
i am a diehard fan of the pre 1986 mercedes diesels and i wouldn't be caught dead driving anything else. i've owned three others [i have had heidi since i was 15] . my others included a 1985 300sd, a 1982 300sd [my moms, them mine then my mom's again] a 1972 220d [black on chocloate] and a 1976 240d [] . my siblings who can drive have a1982 and 1983 240d.
so ya. is that too much diesel for you? lol. i wish dad would get out of his ford e250 ...diesel of course...

so ya...mb diesels literally are forever. lol.
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