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'79 300sd

well, george and i went to bradenton and snagged the '79 300sd for $1200. it has some rust and has had floorpan repairs before. the odometer stopped at 237,000 miles, and the engine wins a 6/10. i'm not sure how much life it has left. Compression is good, it misses in cylinder number 5. Never the less, i was not worried about making the 130 mile trip back to orlando. the 300sd was reliable and such and performed well . it had a 3.09 differential...good pickup and an excellent transmission: one big problem though: it burned oil like a mofo. on the way back it guzzled four quarts of oil. the oil was so low that i couldn't attain 45 bars of oil pressure. my first thought was that the check valve for the oil pressure was defective, but i rememebered that this wouldn't have happened after 4 hours of driving. in the morning i had a look at it and the dip stick showed nothing.
why is this car burning so much oil?

reason one: excessive oil ring wear from the past: bad oil will kill your ring sin your early turbodiesel. compression and power were excellent. no blakc or white smoke, just blue. solution: amsoil 15w40 synthetic. doesn't burn easily and when mixed with an additive will usually not deteriorate too fast.

poor oil in it initially: when we got the car, i noticved the oil wa slow so i added a quantity of my fav, shell rotella 15w40. the problem is that shell burns off, as does crappy autozone 15w40 fleet maintenance. the oil quality will have contributed heavily to this.

finally, turbo problems: this car has a good turbo, but its PCV valve might be defective, causing more oil that normal to find its way into the intake and thus into the turbo. more burnoff...ladida

the ca rhas new valve seals...which is another cause of mercedes oil burning.

but my point will have to be careful: this car burns oil.
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